Speaking of Swedish…

fi-239956 Lapua FINLAND

Originally uploaded by Sonja & family

That reminded me of the old Moomintroll books I read as a child. Did anyone read those? Can you still buy them?



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4 responses to “Speaking of Swedish…

  1. leslie

    Yes, by Tove Janssen and you can still buy them. That’s one of the illustrations I think. I lived in Finland for 6mo when I was a teen…

  2. tsheko

    Thanks for that, Leslie. I wonder if they’re hard to find, since I haven’t seen any.

  3. Chris

    Hi Tania

    Chris from Emmaus College Vermont South, you can still purchase the Moomin series at Readings in Carlton and they are happy to order any in for you.

  4. tsheko

    Thanks, Chris. I don’t mind going to Carlton – it’ll give me an excuse to go and browse, not to mention cappuccino at Brunettis.

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