wordle Hitler speech

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My first go at Wordle, the word cloud generator using text, has resulted in a rather strong example of the interesting possibilities with this application. Using Hitler’s speech delivered in Munich in April, 1923, the wordle has created a powerful, visual summary of the text, revealing  points of emphasis.

It would be an interesting experiment for students to enter chunks of text in order to visualise main concepts and ideas at a glance. You can also play around with colour and font. I’d be interested to know what other ideas anyone has for this application in the classroom.


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5 responses to “Wordle

  1. Well done with both using Wordle and changing your comment setting. There are so many imaginative uses for Wordle and using them with students. I like the idea of using for language teaching where you take news articles and find the most common words.

  2. Kate

    What a fabulous example of how Wordle can be a powerful tool rather than just a bit of fun! I wonder what Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a dream’ speech would look like?

  3. Thanks a lot Tania for showing us another use of Wordle and SUe for adding to it.
    I have used it with my students’ names instead of a photo when students didn’t want their photos appearing next to their podcasts.

  4. Hi Tania

    After reading your post, I tried the “I Have a Dream” speech mentioned by Kate above. (Great minds….?) http://laptopnotes.wordpress.com/2008/08/22/using-wordle/

    What a great use of Wordle! I will be trying lots more. Thank you.

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