Morphing montages

Cruising through one of my favourite blogs, the ABC’s Articulate, I came across a clever film by US video artist, Philip Scott Johnson, who creates morphing montages. How long did it take to make this film of 500 years of women in art?

If you’re thinking of researching all the paintings used in the video, save yourself the trouble, someone else has already accomplished that. You can even link to where those artworks live. Phillip’s video has been nominated as ‘Most Creative Video; 2007 YouTube Awards’! An example of creative technology, in my opinion. somehow, after watching the video, it’s even more interesting to look up the background of each artwork. I tried to guess them; it’s fun.


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6 responses to “Morphing montages

  1. Marie Salinger

    Hi Tania,

    I love this video and really enjoyed watching it. Would like to do something simialar with my Art students.

  2. tsheko

    Isn’t it great! Would it be too hard to do? You could find another art theme and also list the works and artists as in this example. Or it could be an assignment for the boys??

  3. kgbcat

    Thanks for reminding me about this site Tania. This video is great. Like Marie, I think a number of the boys would love to try something like this. I also love that someone else has done the research work.

  4. tsheko

    It’s called sharing!

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