What can you do with a mobile phone and creativity?

This is what Jason van Genderen did:

The 3 minute film cost $57 to make, was shot in New York and Sydney, and won first place at the New York Tropfest. Tropfest is the largest short film festival in the world, with the aim of bringing exposure to talented, young filmmakers from around New York and the world.

Can you imagine the fun and creativity for students with such a project?


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11 responses to “What can you do with a mobile phone and creativity?

  1. Marie


    what a powerful film. Thanks for sharing this. Marie

  2. I thought so too, although the NY Times reviewer thought it was slow.

  3. jennylu

    Simply stunning Tania. How powerful. I must find a way to use this in a class this term. Like you say, what a creative project that Im sure our students would find enriching. Show them this, then let them loose in the city for a day with a camera, or like Jason, their digital phone.
    Your blog is fantastic. You write extremely well and source great stuff! Really enjoying it each time I visit.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, Jenny. Looking forward to our collaboration. Wouldn’t mind having a go at the film myself; what about you?

  5. Suz

    very powerful…. I love using phones with the kids…. they are not permitted at school, except for directed use…. hehehe so they love when I set them a phone photo task. It gets them really engaged in the task. We are doing 5 photo stories at the moment. They have even been posting some to our class moblog. they love finding out new ways to use their phones.
    Now I have some more ideas… thanks so much for sharing this 🙂

  6. It would be fun for teachers to do this along with their students, don’t you think?
    Great to hear from you, Suz. Have fun.

  7. An indication that technology is empowering and unleashing creativity and expression across all groups. How exciting!

  8. Great find Doug! – I’ll be using this with my tutor group as well. OB

  9. Thanks, Ollie; I’m not Doug, I’m Tania

  10. Thanks, Tania, for sharing this. It will certainly inspire educators. I’m sharing with my colleagues right now!

  11. You’re very welcome, Carla. It’s amazing how a simple thing can be so powerful.

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