Capzles: time captured in a story

Capzles is a new way to combine videos, photos and mp3s into rich, multimedia storytelling.


Until I’m successful in embedding the widget, here’s the link to a capzle on Obama. 

Capzles promises to ‘claim your memories; tell your stories; travel through time’, and they do that eloquently. The Obama capzle traces Obama’s life sequentially, and includes photos, and video and transcripts of speeches. I can definitely see the value of capzles for teaching subject matter, but more than that, kids would enjoy creating capzles to present research. This application really does have the potential to capture what’s essential and interesting, and package it neatly for viewing.

It’s free and simple to join. You can browse capzles created in popular categories, eg. history, art and design, film and movies, people and life, vacation and travel, etc. Under history, for example, you’ll find ‘history of Apple computer’ and ’75 years of the popemobile’. It’s a great way to share travel experiences, or present biographies in an engaging format. Or encapzlate your old photographs. Oh, and of course, it’s another great sharing tool. Although there isn’t a huge amount there at the moment, I expect it will expand its archive very quickly.

Thanks to @grosseck for this.



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10 responses to “Capzles: time captured in a story

  1. Also it looks like this site could have potential for students to work with creative writing, music recording, and photography.

  2. So many possibilties, Paul! You can almost create a wiki to support and share this tool.

  3. Thanks, Allanah. I’ve had a look and now I’ve discovered your blog, too. Good to see you here.

  4. I had just started looking at Capzles when I saw a twitter post about your blog. Capzles certainly does have fabulous potential, doesn’t it? A fabulous way for individual students to present their research or a beautiful way for a class teacher to present work too!
    Your blog has a feast of resources! Thank you! I’m very much looking forward to keeping my eye on developing in the YouTube Symphony too!
    Lucy 🙂

  5. And thanks for giving me the opportunity to check out your blog. I noticed Andrew Douch looming large in your tags. We recently had our leading teachers hear him talk at a retreat, and they were really impressed. I missed it but I’m going to look at your links to him.
    Are you going to participate in the YouTube Symphony orchestra?

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  7. Thanks for your post on Capzles. Another site to investigate is ( LifeSnapz provides a free way to capture, share and explore your life events with friends and family. Timelines and maps provide fun way to explore events and create an ongoing life record.

  8. Since I disovered capzles I just love to work with it. I hardly wait the next semester to embed capzles in students’ eportfolios.
    I think JogTheWeb and Capzles are great for digitally storytelling and research projects.
    Thanks for mentioning my tweet.

  9. Hi Gabriela,
    Do you have any examples of your capzles? I haven’t used them yet at school. There are so many things I’ve discovered and want to try out! I’ll have a look at JobTheWeb. Thanks for all your great links; I love them!

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