Web 4.0 thanks to GE

One thing leads to another. That happened to me today as it happens so often. The pathways within social networks are as mysterious as they are surprising. I was checking my Twitter updates, and I did what I often do – check out who else is interesting through my own network. So I was checking out @art4change who was conversing with @hrheingold, and I followed a link she had tweeted. I was hoping it would be good, because she had promised: ‘Watch this NOW. Dead serious. It will blow your mind. Thanks @JohnStauffer http://tinyurl.com/cydomk’.

This comes from GE. As John Stauffer says in his post ‘Hangin with Mr Cooper’,

Sit back and prepare to be amazed. No video editing was done to create this, just a flipcam and some Friday afternoon brainstorming with our Creative Director, Robert Cooper….



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2 responses to “Web 4.0 thanks to GE

  1. Dawn Jimenez

    Hey there we love this Luis was about to try it himself when we remembered we have lent our webcams to someone….

    So as soon as we can we will be trying this out thnks

  2. Let me know how it goes, Dawn.

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