Analyse your blog to match author

So we’ve used Typeanalyser to analyse our personality through our writing.

Now use O’Faust to find out which author your blog writing is closest to in style. Mine is apparently slightly similar to that of Nietzsche.


Lyrical prose, heavy use of metaphor? Germanic thought processes? No idea.

Have a go – which author does your writing style resemble?



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7 responses to “Analyse your blog to match author

  1. Rhondda

    I had a go Tania and I have a 15% similarity to Plato. As he “had an impact on math and science, morals, and political theory” what does that means for my blog meanderings?

  2. I am Lewis Carroll and am secretly pleased! I always felt an affinity for Alice!

  3. Ladies, we now have an alter ego.

  4. I’m 35% Jules Verne. This is somewhat ironic because he was one of my favourite authors as a teenager. Must be my similar desire to probe the world with a hint of fantasy. Thanks for the link to this fun site.

  5. You’re welcome, Paul. Interesting to discover people’s author matches.

  6. Hi Tania,
    You’ve inspired me to check out both O’Faust and Typealyzer. I’ve written about it on my blog – thanks for the idea.
    I’m a mechanic and most similar to Lewis Carroll.

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