YouTube Symphony Orchestra forms

A little while ago I wrote a post about the wonderful collaborative project, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Musicians from all over the world were invited to audition online, and were selected to play together in New York in April this year.

Here’s the line-up of YouTube Symphony Orchestra musicians

The video makes me smile; so many different nationalities represented, all collaborating in this project, transcending language barriers with their music.

Equally as interesting is the unique way each musician has chosen to introduce themselves in their video, giving a brief glimpse into their world, adding their own graphics and sound.

Over 3,000 people from over 40 countries auditioned for just 90 prize slots in the orchestra.  I know some people think this is gimmicky, but I like it.


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4 responses to “YouTube Symphony Orchestra forms

  1. Gimmicks usually cheap, shallow and ephemeral whereas this experiment is consuming lots of resources, has gained commitment from people at the top of the profession, and could leave a lasting mark on how musicians view and use the medium.

    I had an 18 year old email me (via YouTube) yesterday saying that he had reached the end of the road with his horn teacher but lived too far away from anyone who could take his talent to the next level. Post a video I suggested, and I’ll shop it around London, the city with the highest concentration of horn teaching skills in the world.

    You can tell a lot about someone’s playing even with a poor recording and they can use that to get great feedback asynchronously. And he might progress to getting synchronous lessons via GoogleTalk or Skype. It doesn’t occur to a lot of people, pupils and teachers alike, that this is a viable alternative to being there.

    Jim Moffat
    Technology sales channels consultant and horn player with the YouTube Symphony Orchestra
    (& the oldest guy in the band)

  2. Thanks for this Tania. My son, who teaches music and plays a number of instruments, really enjoyed this. We wish we could go to NY to watch the performance. Oh well.

  3. Jim, the whole project is inspiring. As you say, who knows what it will lead to, eg. in terms of synchronous lessons. I just love the part where the kids get together from all over the world to play music.

    Pam, what does your son teach? Which instruments does he play? I hope we get to see the performance online.

  4. ann

    Have a look at , an innovative collaborative documentary site about this innovative project…it even features Jim!

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