Problem-solving is for the birds

Problem-solving is not limited to the world of humans. It’s interesting to watch other species use thinking to solve a problem. Crows and ravens are, for me, associated with Grimms’ fairy tales and tales of dark forces, but here, thanks to Britannica Blog, we see a very practical crow persisting in reaching its goal.



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2 responses to “Problem-solving is for the birds

  1. The resourcefulness of animals, especially when there is food involved. We were camping last week and left a jar of nuts on a table while we went biking. The lid was securely twisted in place. When we came back we saw a black squirrel and five chipmunks merrily emptying the jar. We could see tooth marks left by the squirrel on the lid.

  2. That’s a great story, Paul. I’ve never seen anything like that. We don’t have squirrels and chipmunks in Australia.

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