By words my mind is winged – Aristophanes

Photo courtesy of Thungaturti on Flickr.

Aristophanes made an excellent point. Our thoughts soar but are carried on the wings of words.

Paul Cornies at Quoteflections has selected Aristophanes’ quote and many others on his eclectic blog. He has provided a platform for the sharing of ideas by giving an opportunity for bloggers to unite in contributing a monthly post based on a common theme. Green Pen Society is Paul’s brainchild, and has brought together bloggers (thinkers, writers) from different parts of the world.

I was thrilled to be asked by Paul to devise a theme for October’s post. I’ve chosen the theme of school design, namely:

What would your ideal school look like? Design the school of the future – but do it now!

I’m an educator, so this theme interests me, but we’ve all been to school (of some shape and form), so I think we all have ideas about what our ideal school might look like.

You could come to this in many ways – it could be a futuristic school, not entirely plausible, but desirable. You might submit plans, or you could contribute using images or even a slideshow. You might prefer to be more descriptive, like I intend to be – philosophising about what learning should and could be, and how physical spaces cater for this.

Doesn’t matter how you do it – imagine what a wealth of ideas we could pool together.

If you’d like to contribute, tag your post with the label Green Pen Society (GPS). Leave a comment here with a link to your post, so that I can find you and include you when I gather all the contributions together.

I’m looking forward to gathering your ideas in a future post. Thanks, Paul, for this opportunity.

If you haven’t done so already, check out previous themes on Paul’s blog. September’s theme was What gets you flying when you want to write? by Ken Allan of Blogger in Middle-earth 


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4 responses to “By words my mind is winged – Aristophanes

  1. ‘What would your ideal school look like? Design the school of the future – but do it now!’

    Wonderful topic, Tania. My gears are turning. I look forward to what you will post on this topic and hope that some of your readers will decide to take on the challenge as well.

    • Thanks for the opportunity to cast out the topic of an ideal school, Paul. I agree with your considerations of the natural environment, community and the support of Web 2.0 technologies in order to connect learners with learners globally. I can’t wait to read what others have to say.

  2. Kia ora e Tania!

    Thanks for the opportunity to write a post on A School of the Future.

    Catchya later

    • I was very excited as I read about your proposed ideal school. ‘Good governance working closely with good management’ sounds like the school in which I’d love to work. Open-source – also yes. A great post, Ken; many excellent ideas. Thankyou.

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