Howard Rheingold knows crap when he sees it

Howard Rheingold knows what he’s talking about when he says we need to teach our kids to be crap detectors, critical examiners of what they find online. No, not censorship – Howard recommends teaching kids to be detectives and investigate the authority of what they read online. Our kids need skills more than they need content to navigate the explosion of information available to everybody. The video goes for 24 minutes and is well worth viewing and reviewing.

Here is Howard’s blog post of the same title.

There is a growing list of links to related online resources at the end of the article.


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2 responses to “Howard Rheingold knows crap when he sees it

  1. Hi Tania, love the title you and Howard use to describe the bogus info that is out there. It’s funny/interesting how much effort needs to be placed in this area of learning. Does this mean that students are lazy, lack common sense, or are they too trusting? I suspect it is a combination of all of them and some other items I have not considered. Funny thing though, I always thought this detector was more innate. Having grown up in NYC, I wonder if it’s in the water or just part of my DNA.

    Be Well!

    • Well I didn’t grow up in NYC, and I’m still not sure how to teach kids how to detect crap. Teacher librarian, so I should know, but I’m not happy with what I’ve done in the past, and would like to think it through and do a rivetting lesson one day, not the usual. Thanks for dropping by, Hiram! Always good to hear from you.

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