What the! Ning isn’t free anymore?

This morning I read on Twitter that Ning would no longer be free anymore. Blink.

Can this be true?

TechCrunch announced the news.

Steve Hargadon was quick to send off a post; I was grateful.

Twitter has contributed various links, including a place to go to share how people are using nings in education. A Google document has been created for a collaborative space – already the number of participants is impressive (where’s Australia though? )Posterous has committed to building a ning blog importer. Somebody has thought of a way to save ning. Ideas are cropping up everywhere.

People are realising how valuable some of the networks are:

@RobertTalbert I agree and don’t care about my own Ning, but I am member of several large, wonderful networks (eg. English Companion) #Ning

As disastrous as this is, one thing is clear. Ning means a lot to many, many people. If you feel upset, you are not alone. This is a collective, global problem, and it will continue to receive a collective, global response and – dare I hope – solution.

Here’s a tiny part of the #ning Twitter stream:


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5 responses to “What the! Ning isn’t free anymore?

  1. Oh no, Tania. I only learned about this through you this morning! What a blow! I feel so stupid now to have promoted Ning and other such free social networking sites to reluctant colleagues at school. I’m afraid they will a lot of ‘told you so!!!’ comments on Monday… But the most disappointing thing is to suddenly lose the accumulated work of an international network of close to 300 students in 10 countries. I hope they will at least give us time to save some of the work.

  2. Are you familiar with the Change.org petition being circulated to Keep Ning Free for Nonprofit and Educational Use? Please sign at http://bit.ly/dw7HSN and tells others in the educational community. A united voice can make a difference.

  3. I’m glad that I could help. Thanks for posting some info about the petition on your blog. Hopefully. blog posts like yours will make people more aware of the petition and the momentum will build throughout the coming week.

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