Oops I did it again – I created another blog

Photo by lutykuh on Flickr

Readers may have noticed that my posts are becoming more scarce. Or you may not – you may have given up and dropped checking this blog. Sure, I’ve been reposting from my other blogs – in particular, currently from Through global lenses. But I’m struggling to write regular, disciplined posts about current educational issues.

You know what it’s like when you juggle so many balls that you end up dropping some. That’s what it feels like for me now. Once this blog was the only online writing I was responsible for. Then it was followed by others, some of which I update regularly, for example, my reading blog Fiction is like a box of chocolates, my global Flickr project blog, and my personal photo blog.

Add to this several school-based projects (including nings and wikis) – all good! – and the blog I’m about to start for Kew High School, and you begin to realise the sad truth about my lack of single focus.

Can this be a good thing? How do you manage multiple voices? How do you manage an RSS feed that’s groaning and threatening to burst at the seams? How often do you tweet? Often enough to attract a response? Do you ever get the chance to read a book?

Life is never boring….


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2 responses to “Oops I did it again – I created another blog

  1. jennylu

    That’s exactly how I feel. I’d love to write a post about it, but just don’t have the time. I am juggling way too many balls in the air right now and surprisingly, have become disconnected from my networks to some extent as a result. I feel like an observer rather than a participant at the moment.

  2. I’m not entirely frustrated, Jenny. Maybe we’re juggling too many balls, but if we were tweeting all day, it would just mean that we had a lot of time on our hands. Our projects are with real people. Then again, we have the choice to cut back if it’s making us feel too frustrated. I know what you mean about being an observer – a result of spreading out too much. I don’t think we’re alone.

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