How social networks empower teachers – slideshow presentation

I’ve created this slideshow to accompany a presentation I’m giving to staff on curriculum day about how social networks empower teachers. It’s a little text-heavy but I’m using the slides to structure my talk and hoping that the slideshow will be a resource for interested staff to refer to after the talk. I’ve probably spent much too long on the preamble, the ‘what’s it all about’ but the mindshift preceding any technical instruction is very important. It’s a good idea to view the full version of the slideshow because the embedded version has cut off the far right side.

I have a lot to learn about public speaking and so I am a little nervous about the presentation itself. It’s going to be a challenge providing enough information about what to do with Twitter, Diigo, Vodpod and and how to do it, as well as leaving enough time for some hands on play. Hopefully it will all come together and I’m prepared to skip great chunks of the presentation after I get a feeling for the mood of the group attending. I’m still new to the school and I’m thinking that I should not focus entirely on cramming content but take the opportunity to get to know the teachers attending my session.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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7 responses to “How social networks empower teachers – slideshow presentation

  1. Hi Tania

    A very informative and practical presentation that I’m sure will really encourage your staff to explore Social Networking! You will get the right balance between presentation and practice on the day.

    Don’t be nervous – just let your passion shine through!

    Good luck…

    Kim 🙂

  2. Penny

    Hi Tania

    I love your mechanical twitter and all that you have put together here. As Kim said, let your passion shine through and you will be relaxed in no time. There is enough here to give even the most skeptical educator a reason to give it a go.

    All the best for your presentation,
    Penny 🙂

  3. Rakali

    Fantastic as always Tania. You have already inspired many about the importance of professional social networking.

    Good luck with the presentation.

    Heather 😛

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