Flashmob – Copenhagen Phil playing Peer Gynt in the Metro

Jenny Luca normally shares the flashmob goodness. I couldn’t resist this one. Just imagine hearing this spontaneous performance.


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2 responses to “Flashmob – Copenhagen Phil playing Peer Gynt in the Metro

  1. Hi Tania,

    I love this video. What a lovely way to arrive in to work for the morning. I especially love that someone pulled out a camera phone. There’s always one. And I’m still wondering where that guy pulled that bassoon from!

    I have been playing Peter and the Wolf with my Prep classes and they absolutely love it; I couldn’t believe how open they were to it at first. I think it just goes to show that classical music really can be relevant and moving in the lives of people today. We are so lucky to have such a world-class orchestra in Melbourne (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)and I think it is an opportunity many people don’t think to take up.

    • You know, one of my strongest early primary school memories is listening to Peter and the Wolf! It had such a wonderful lasting effect. I also remember listening to records of The Happy Prince – although it went over my head in terms of language, it was powerful. I have the most wonderful CDs of stories about composers which my own children listened to years and years ago. I recommend them and could lend them to you if you like.

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