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Harold Pinter

“In a career attended by a great deal of dramatic criticism one of the most interesting – and indeed acute – critical questions I’ve ever heard was when I was introduced to a young woman and her six-year-old son. The woman looked down to her son and said: ‘This man is a very good writer.’ The little boy looked at me and then at his mother and said: ‘Can he do a W?'”

I could say that this is an allegorical anecdote which illustrates the perception of a ‘good teacher librarian’ in the eyes of the school community, but that would be silly, because it’s actually a quote by the playwright, Harold Pinter.

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Playing around with Flickr

Having fun with spell with flickr

No Parking l002Letter ACopper Uppercase Letter YEducational Block ING

I can’t seem to write the word across the page. Doesn’t fit.

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Shrimp on a treadmill

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If a shrimp can move forward, so can we! (Notice the shrimp is smiling)


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