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Hello, anybody out there? Writing for someone

Somehow I managed to create a visual presentation in the period before coming into a Year 9 English class to talk to the boys about blogging. My focus was on the motivation for writing and the reason why you would want to write a blog. I wanted the students to think about people writing from earliest times, what motivated people to write so that others would read. Whether it’s the love message scratched onto a tree or the messages on the back of a toilet door – or on Facebook – people seem to want others to read what they have to say. I told the boys that when I was their age, in order to have your writing in print, you had to either be super talented or important, or perhaps succeed in having your letter to the editor make the local paper. Not so anymore – we can all be published online and enjoy the satisfaction of audience participation through comments.

I’m sharing the visual part of this lesson in case anyone else finds it useful.


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Update. Twitter gets results.

Just a short update on the Recurring External Blog Saga – so far the recent student review has scored 63 hits today! (5 last night when I posted it late)



Thanks, Josh, for boosting the fiction blog stats to 127 so far. I don’t usually get that number on my personal blog!  Thanks personal learning network and Twitter.

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